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A letter from GEM Family Law regarding the global health crisis

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Firm News

The State of Colorado received a “Stay at Home” order this week. While legal professionals were deemed to be “essential” under the initial order issued by the Denver County mayor, our family law firm places the health of our team and our clients above the convenience of continuing to work in our brick and mortar space. As such, while we have closed our physical office space for the time being, our largely paperless office has temporarily moved to a virtual space that we have been prepared and equipped to utilize since our firm was founded.

As a world, as a community, and as a profession, we continue learn how to navigate the “new normal” of socially distancing ourselves from one another. The global health crisis has impacted every individual’s personal, familial, and professional lives.

GEM Family Law continues to be here for both clients and professionals alike. Not only are our attorneys continuing to (remotely) work hard for our clients, but we are leading our profession in flexing to meet the new needs of our community to work virtually (clients, courts, and professionals). We are providing the following online attorney services:

– Telephonic meetings;

– Zoom client and professional conferences;

– Virtual mediations at a sliding scale (based on income and considering any current reduction in hours);

– Virtual arbitration at a sliding scale (based on income and considering any current reduction hours);

– Virtual Child and Family Law Investigation interviews;

– Remote Parenting Coordinator/ Decision-making services;

– Flexible payment options.

While some courts are hitting pause on cases, others are pushing scheduling far out into the future, and others are allowing cases to move forward virtually. Many of the services that we offer as a firm, in addition to traditional litigation, empower clients to resolve their cases independent of the court’s presently unpredictable schedule. Parties can find resolution via our online attorney services, including arbitration, mediation, and collaborative law. While the day-in-day-out of your life may feel “paused,” you and/or your clients can still work towards starting the next chapter of your/their lives.

We are here for you. We are here for our clients. We are here for our community. Our mission continues to be to help you and your family live more and worry less.

Our sincerest and warmest wishes to you and yours,

The GEM Family Law Team