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Mar 18 2023
Elizabeth is awesome, she handled my case with professionalism, understanding, and compassion. Couldn’t have had a better experience through a very tough time.

Mar 17 2023
When I needed help .this law firm came thu.Thank you

Mar 17 2023
Estoy muy agradecido por su trabajo Gracias por tomarse el tiempo y Ayudarme

Mar 17 2023
Elizabeth is the best!

Mar 17 2023
I regret that I had to get a divorce, but I won’t regret hiring Erika. My representative was second to none. She ethically represented all of my best interests.

Feb 22 2023
I won’t trust anyone other than Elizebeth. My divorce was lengthy with custody battles and CFI investigations; it took 17 month to get the final decree and she fought for the best interest of my kids. I have full custody still today (9 years later). Elizebeth has represented me along the way over the years with visitation issues and collecting child support; her focus has always been what is most important to me… my kids. I have watched Elizebeth grow as an attorney and she continues to hit the bar of excellence. My children are safe and happy and I owe a lot of that to Elizebeth’s hard work and dedication to my case over the years, my most grateful and heartfelt gratitude goes out to you, Thank you Elizabeth!

Feb 20 2023
Going through divorce is very tough especially with children, but GEM Family Law really made me feel like a person and not a number. They really cared about my situation and went the extra mile even with me living out of state. Thank you for everything you assisted me with and the support you gave during this trying time.

Feb 19 2023
As far as I’m concerned Ashley walks in water! Based on my direct experience she is fantastic under pressure in court. I was assailed in court and taken by surprise by a very litigious ex with an aggressive high priced attorney and Ashley had to put together a defense over lunch. With only one hour to prepare a defense and prep me she pulled it off like the star she is. We won. Even getting court costs. I highly recommend.

Feb 18 2023
Elizabeth is the best!

Feb 17 2023
I cannot say enough GREAT things about Erika at this firm. She is so knowledgeable and helped me through one of the hardest times I have had to go through. She is the epitome of professional and is an expert negotiator. 10/10 would use again, but really hope I don’t have a reason to ?

Feb 17 2023
Elizabeth was the best attorney! She was always there for me, very smart and did amazing in court. I would HIGHLY recommend her.

Feb 09 2023
My experience with GEM law firm has been excellent. As a female, who had emotionally difficult experiences which lead me to be faced with incredibly intimidating decisions ahead of me, I felt supported by each staff member who was involved with my case. The tenacity and level of competence in both law and personal skills of Elizabeth, Hannah, and Erika is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do GEM law firm.

Jan 24 2023
I was not going to hire a lawyer for my divorce, but I was convinced by my boyfriend and friends to do so. I am so glad I decided to listen to their advice. Meagan was so supportive, intelligent, and also funny when I needed comfort in my messy divorce from an abuser. She got me way more than I even imagined. I cannot say enough amazing things about her and the firm, I felt like I was in a cocoon of protection after feeling so unsafe for so long, it was exactly what I needed. Meagan is so well-versed in family law, she absolutely nailed my mediation. I had nothing but a positive experience with the firm!

Jan 21 2023
Elizabeth and her assistants always kept me in the loop at all times regarding my drawn out divorce because of my husband. I am very grateful to them and appreciated my settlement.

Jan 18 2023
GEM has provided compassionate and expert representation.

Jan 17 2023
Elizabeth is the best!

Jun 23 2022
Hannah Taylor has been amazing during this difficult time. Hannah and her team are always willing to take my calls and texts. The communication is timely and appropriate. She is a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney. I would and have recommended her to friends and family. Hannah goes above and beyond and I truly appreciate her and all she has done

Feb 19 2022
Erika is thoughtful, thorough, and intelligent. She’s been such an asset to have through these trying times. I can not say enough about how thankful I was to have her on my side. I will continue to recommend her to all my family and friends.

“I walked into ashley’s office in a new mother about to be homeless because of my son’s father. I was afraid and didn’t know if i could even legally take my colorado born son back to my family across the country. Ashley was not only compassionate but also very level headed during this emotional time with me. Ashley navigated the case without hesitation and kept me in a very real- istic mindset of what the outcome could be… In the end she executed the order of proof flawlessly and won our argument with opposing council. My son now receives the support so desperately needed to raise him & give him the life he deserves”

“Meagan’s compassion and fierce resolve make her exactly who you want on your side when you’re going through a divorce or similar difficult time. Meagan has the experience and knowledge to give you thoughtful and confident
representation. ”

“I had the honor of having erika as my attorney for my initial divorce. I left my divorce with everything i wanted including 50/50 parenting time and decision making. As a father this was huge victory for me especially since my case involved a lot of false accusation and a very hard to work with ex. Erika was absolutely wonderful though, and se really made the experience less stressful. ”

“Meagan was absolutely wonderful! I can’t even begin to express my gratitude towards her and all the help she gave me. Meagan saw me at some of my worst moments and not only helped me to get the protection i needed, she listened to every detail of my story, she comforted me and my family and was truly a blessing. I highly recommend meagan and her dedication to fighting domestic violence and her passion for advocating for women suffering from domestic violence and abuse. Meagan gave me a voice and a chance to be heard when i could not do it myself. ”

“Ashley “helped me through a difficult time with my divorce. She was knowledgeable, levy-headed and very professional. She and her staff guided me through each step of the process, ensuring that documents were submitted properly and on time. Ashley made sure that my interests were represented, while also giving me a realistic assessment of posible outcomes. Hopefully you never find yourself in need of a divorce lawyer, but if you do ashley and her staff are the ones to go with. ”

“It was a breath of fresh air to deal with meagan during my custody case. By far the best experience i have ever had with an attorney. She was very conscious of funds. I did not feel like i was being over-billed. She was professional, courteous, understating of my difficulties. She always had myself and my son’s best interests in mind. You never hope to need a divorce or custody attorney but when you do, it’s nice to have a good one. ”

“Ashley did a fantastic job representing me in my case. Through her professional skillset and knowledgeable arguments and outcome was achieved that met my goals and expectations. Her “about me” is spot-on with the experience i had with her. She was strong and dedicated providing great defense but in a less adversarial manner which i greatly appreciated. I will certainly not hesitate to return to her for future representation if needed. ”

“Elizabeth and her team gave me everything i asked for. During such a difficult and emotionally charged situation more than anything i wanted to look back afterward and know that my attorneys and i had conducted ourselves in a way that was ethically beyond reproach, regardless of how others might be engaging in the situation. Elizabeth and her team not only exceeded my expectations in this area, but they offered compassion while helping me maintain an even and realistic perspective on approaches and outcomes. I can’t say enough about her both personally and professionally, and am truly grateful for her counsel and support during this long and challenging situation. If you’re looking for an attorney to represent you with tremendous experience, knowledge, ethics, and commitment i would highly recommend elizabeth bonanno.”

“Erika is the absolute best! We have a very high conflict case and erika has been there every step of the way. I would recommend erika for any family law issues. She is a pit bull when it comes to fighting for our family and we wouldn’t have it any other way! ”

“Erika in an incredible attorney and has been especially helpful in crafting out of the box solutions, post decree, in a very high conflict divorce. Her help and legal support has been life changing! ”