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Unique Solutions In Estate Planning

A common conception of estate planning is that it deals with the end, whether that be the end of someone’s life or the end of their ability to make decisions. But estate planning is really about the beginning: the beginning of your loved ones’ lives without you. And without an estate plan, it can be hard for them to even know where to begin.

With thoughtful and careful planning, you can provide your loved ones with the guidance and support they will need after you are gone. At GEM Family Law, we work with all our clients to make sure they have a core estate plan, including:

  • A Will for distributing assets and naming guardians for minor children;
  • Powers of Attorney (medical and financial);
  • A Living Will for end-of-life care;
  • A Disposition of Last Remains to carry out their last wishes for burial, religious services, etc.; and
  • For clients who have a strong desire to avoid probate or to hold their assets in trust for their beneficiaries, a Revocable Trust.

No matter how complex your estate plan may be, our attorneys will work with you to draft the plan you need. And because we prepare all our core estate planning documents on a flat fee basis, you will have the certainty of knowing the exact cost of your estate plan before you ever receive an invoice.

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We can help you prepare a comprehensive estate plan that meets all of your specific needs. To find a time to meet with our lawyers, please call our Denver office at 720-443-4892 or send us an email.