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Post-Decree Modifications In Colorado Family Law

Quite often, your first exposure to the legal process as it relates to your family law case will, unfortunately, not be your last. Circumstances may change or arise that require additional legal assistance or court intervention. Modifications or emergencies that arise after initial orders have entered are called “post decree” matters. Post decree matters range from complex family law matters involving emergency motions or motions to modify parenting time to those regarding adjustments to spousal support or child support.

The seasoned team of family law attorneys at GEM Family Law can assist you with any post-decree family law problems, including but not limited to:

  • Modification of parenting time when the current parenting time orders are no longer meeting the needs of your family
  • Modification of decision-making when one parent desires to assume decision-making responsibilities when they have not in the past, or one parent desires to make sole decisions for the children (this also arises when there is a dispute between the parents and the court must break the stalemate)
  • Modification of child support when there has been a change in circumstances, whether through income, parenting time, expenses for the child, and the like, that would result in child support being increased or decreased by 10% or more
  • Modification of spousal support when there has been a change in circumstance that renders the original spousal support order inequitable
  • Relocation when one parent desires to move and change the parenting time arrangement
  • Enforcement of orders where there have been violations and an individual must turn to the court for assistance in obtaining funds, parenting time compliance, and the like
  • Emergency motions and hearings where there are issues of endangerment

Our lawyers know how important it is to you to get the answers you need when your situation changes. We develop creative and customized strategies to help our clients make the choices that are best for their futures.

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