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Assisting With Colorado Relocation Requests

After a child custody order has been entered, the parents will need the court’s permission before they move out of Colorado with a child. In some circumstances, the co-parents will not agree to the move, which can place significant stress on everyone involved – including the kids.

At GEM Family Law, our Denver child custody lawyers are ready to help protect your interests. Whether you are seeking the court’s permission to move with your child or children, or you are contesting a relocation request, our lawyers understand the emotions that accompany these cases and will be here for you from beginning to end.

When Is Relocation Necessary?

Life has a way of changing when we least expect. Things can change a great deal from the time your original custody decree was entered. When this happens, you might need to make adjustments in order for the new normal to be manageable. Some of the reasons that a parent may seek to relocate with their children include:

  • Advancing their career in a new job market
  • Housing-related expenses or options
  • Opportunities to advance education (for either parent or child, or both)
  • A new marriage that may require a move out of state
  • Parents/relatives live in other state/country
  • Fitness of the other parent/threat to the child’s well-being

There may be other reasons as well that result in a request for a relocation. If a child leaves the state, it can have a significant impact upon the amount of time that the other parent is able to spend with the child. If the court feels like the reasons justify a relocation, it may approve the request, so it is important to make sure you take the proper stops at this time to avoid losing time with your child.

Will Relocation Requests Be Granted?

It really will depend on the circumstances. Each request that makes its way into the courtroom will be analyzed to determine what is truly best for this particular situation. The experienced attorneys at GEM Family Law can evaluate your case and develop a strategy that helps you achieve your specific goals, allowing you to remain a part of your child’s life.

Meet With Our Attorneys To Learn More

If you need help with a relocation concern, our lawyers can explain all of your options to you. We will take the time to find out what is most important to you and seek a solution that keeps your kids’ best interests at heart. Call our Denver office at 720-443-4892 or send us an email to schedule your free consultation with a member of our team.