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Helping Your Family With Colorado Adoption Needs

At its core, the adoption process works to establish a legally binding relationship where one did not exist before. There are a variety of reasons why adoption may be the right choice for your family. Many different avenues for adoption exist, and depending on your situation, the process can be complicated. At GEM Family Law, our Colorado family law attorneys are well-versed in:

  • Stepparent adoption
  • Same-sex parent adoption
  • Adoption from foster care
  • Adult adoption

In Colorado, before a non-biological parent can adopt a child, the rights of the biological parent or parents must first be terminated or voluntarily relinquished. The individual requesting to adopt the child must also go through a vetting process, which includes background checks, fingerprints and a home visit. The timing of this process is of the essence, and GEM Family Law attorneys will guide you through these very specific procedures.

After the finalization of an adoption, a parent will have the same legal rights, responsibilities and privileges as a parent by birth. This means that as an adoptive parent, you will be able to make financial, medical and educational decisions for and on behalf of your child.

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