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Parenting Coordination And Decision-Making (PC/DM)

Sometimes, even after your divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities (custody) case is over, disputes may arise between you and your co-parent. When parents are likely to experience future conflict, or if parents feel they would like a method of resolving future disputes without involving the court, you may want to involve a parenting coordinator and/or decision-maker.

The court defines a parenting coordinator (CRS § 14-10-128.5) as a neutral third party who assists in the resolution of disputes between the parties concerning parental responsibilities, including but not limited to the implementation of court-ordered parenting plans. This person is a lot like a mediator, as they are available to help parents get to an agreement.

The court defines a decision-maker (CRS §14-10-128.3) as an individual who is given binding authority to resolve disputes between the parties as to the implementation or clarification of existing orders regarding the parties’ children, including but not limited to: (1) disputes concerning parenting time; (2) specific disputed parental decision; and (3) child support. This individual sits in a decision-making role. When the parties can’t agree, the decision-maker makes the final call and files the decision with the court.

Often, a decision-maker acts as a parenting coordinator as well (a “PCDM”), whereby they start by working with the parties to help them reach an agreement and, if an agreement is not possible, ultimately make the final decision.

GEM Family Law offers parent coordinating and decision-making services. Our seasoned family law attorneys offer years of experience with high-conflict family law cases and with the courts, and they are adept at navigating difficult co-parenting decisions and disputes. GEM Family Law‘s attorneys can assist in resolving your family law dispute thoughtfully and efficiently.

For more information about our attorneys and their work as parenting coordinators and/or decision-makers, you can either call our main line at 720-443-4892 or use our online form to schedule your free initial consultation.