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Guiding You Through The Probate Process

Few words in the English language bring about as much confusion as “probate.” At its simplest, probate is the legal process that begins after someone’s death and involves appointing someone called a personal representative or executor to gather the decedent’s assets, pay their debts, and distribute the remaining assets to the beneficiaries named in the will.

Unfortunately, the reality of probate can be much more complicated, especially with complex assets and beneficiaries with different, and sometimes conflicting, needs. At Gebhardt Emerson Moodie Bonanno, LLC, in Denver, our experienced attorneys will provide valuable legal guidance and support throughout the probate process.

Experienced Legal Representation Can Streamline The Process

In Colorado, the probate process includes several steps and can take multiple months to complete. When you are already grieving the loss of a loved one, the probate process can be overwhelming without experienced legal guidance.

If you are nominated as a personal representative, GEM Family Law can guide you through each step of the probate process, including:

At GEM Family Law, our attorneys have years of experience assisting clients with every step of the estate planning and administration process. Using our knowledge about estates along with our courtroom experience, we provide valuable guidance throughout the probate process.

If your loved one owned a business, had a large estate or had complex assets, you can trust our team to prepare for any challenges to the administration of their estate. We can also help you ensure you have a proper estate plan yourself, allowing your loved ones to potentially avoid the Colorado probate process in the future.

We Will Be By Your Side

You don’t have to face the probate process alone. Our estate planning and probate lawyers will guide you through the process and provide the support you need. To schedule a consultation at our Denver office, call us at 720-443-4892 or complete our online contact form.