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Explaining Spousal Support In Your Divorce

Spousal maintenance (also referred to as spousal support or alimony) is often one of the more difficult aspects of resolving divorce cases. The court has the discretion to award spousal support to a spouse, where it is necessary for a spouse to meet their reasonable needs. This payment is separate from child support, though it does impact the amount of child support (a parent who pays spousal maintenance pays less child support than they otherwise would).

The court considers a number of factors when making this determination, including the lifestyle of the parties during the marriage, the duration of the marriage, the income and earning potential of each individual spouse, and the division of property between the spouses.

The attorneys at GEM Family Law are here to make sure that your needs, either as a potential payor of spousal support or a payee of spousal support, are not overlooked. While the laws regarding spousal support change and evolve, we remain at the forefront of the conversation regarding new laws and legislation that impact Colorado families. We will work with you to make sure that the realities of your financial situation are considered, whether you are in the process of reaching a settlement or require a judge to make decisions for your family law case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Spousal Support In Denver Divorces

We know that you have questions about how spousal support may be an issue in your case. Spousal support is not a one-size-fits-all item – that is, the amount of support, if any at all, is going to depend significantly upon the circumstances of each divorce. Below, we address some of the common questions our Denver divorce attorneys hear from prospective clients, so we wanted to provide basic information about spousal support. For detailed information about the specifics of your case, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with one of our lawyers.

Will Spousal Support Automatically Be Awarded In My Case?

As mentioned above, the awarding of support is going to depend on several factors. The amount and duration of the spousal support, if any, will also depend on various aspects of the divorce. Part of your the divorce strategy that we create at our firm looks very closely at either your requests for support, or contesting requests by your ex-spouse.

How Do I Keep My Spouse From Getting Spousal Support?

Because the awarding of support will be very situation dependent, it is necessary to review the situation to determine if support will be appropriate in your divorce. Even if you are extremely upset at your spouse, or they may have engaged in behaviors that led to the divorce, spousal support may still be awarded. We can help you understand what sort of options are available in your specific case.

Is There A Difference Between Alimony, Spousal Support And Spousal Maintenance?

No – these terms all pretty much mean the same thing, for the most part. Really, the important thing here is to understand how this applies to your divorce. You need to be sure that you know what factors might be relevant to the spousal support determinations, and what that means for your future after the divorce has been finalized.

Can I Change The Amount Of Support In My Case?

That will depend upon whether or not the situation has changed dramatically from the time of the divorce. The court will have very strict criteria that must be satisfied in order to revisit a spousal support order, so it is important to clearly understand all your options before you make any decisions in your divorce. Reach out to our experienced spousal support attorneys today to get more information.

Schedule Your Free Consultation With One Of Our Denver Divorce Lawyers

To talk to one of our attorneys about spousal support in your Colorado divorce case, call GEM Family Law‘s Denver office at 720-443-4892 or send us an email to arrange a time that works for you. We will help you get the answers you need.