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Your family law case and the global health crisis

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2020 | Family Law

We are living in unprecedented times. Schools are moving to virtual classes, businesses are closing their doors, and the recreational activities Colorado knows and loves are no longer available to us. The concept of social distancing is shifting from a recommendation to an expectation. At GEM Family Law, we take the safety of our clients and our staff seriously.

The current global health crisis may have you wondering whether your divorce or other type of family law case can and will continue to move forward. At GEM Family Law, we are taking the advice of medical professionals, and we believe that the most responsible thing that we can do is to distance ourselves from one another.

GEM Family Law has always believed that that we can provide better service to our clients, if we have the most up-to-date technology at our finger tips. This enables us to flex to the needs and schedules of each individual case and client.

What does this mean for you and your case under the current circumstances? This means that GEM Family Law has the ability to help you move your case forward, without risking your family’s or our staff’s health and safety.


1) Phone calls. While we have always made ourselves available by phone, this continues to be an option, even as we limit our time in our brick and mortar walls. Each staff member and attorney has their personal phones linked to our office line, which means that we can continue to communicate with clients without any interruption.

2) Virtual meetings. Many clients, especially for purposes of initial consultations, prefer face-to-face meetings with their attorney. Our firm is equipped with visual conferencing tools, so you have the same benefits of being in the same room with your attorney, from the convenience and security of your own home.

3) Virtual mediations. Many of the same tools that enable our attorneys to host virtual meetings also enable us to host virtual mediations that still give you and your attorney the privacy that you need during mediation.

4) Secure online communication. If you are in a situation where you cannot safely or comfortably communicate with us about your family law needs verbally, you can submit a confidential online inquiry. You can also reach out to any of our attorneys through AVVO, through the Colorado Super Lawyers website, or you can e-mail our legal assistant at [email protected] . If you have concerns about privacy via e-mail, please make sure that you have set up a secure e-mail account for yourself for purposes of communicating with our office. If we should not call you back, please make sure that you note in your communication with us that we should not contact you by phone and note your preferred method of communication. We take your safety and comfort incredibly seriously.

5) Cloud based document sharing and virtual fax. We have a variety of tools available that enable us to securely exchange PDF and draft documents. If you have the need to fax any information to us, we receive all faxes via an online portal.

6) Virtual document storage. Simply put, we believe that virtual document storage is the most efficient and secure method of storing sensitive information and case documents. Our firm uses a program that was specifically designed for law firms, as we take the need to ensure that documents and client information is stored in the most secure method possible. Not only does this provide added security, but this enables our attorneys and staff to view and work on your documents any time and from any location.

7) Preparing cases in advance. While most courts are simply shifting from in-person appearances to virtual court appearances, some courts in Colorado are contemplating limiting new filings at this time and pushing the scheduling of final orders far out into the future. This does not mean that your case cannot move forward. Our attorneys are trained in the formal process of collaborative law, meaning that we have the tools and experience to help you resolve your entire case before anything is even filed with the Court. This means that you are not at the mercy of the court’s schedule. Instead, you can go through all of the necessary steps and have all of the documents and agreements prepared to be filed at once.

At GEM Family Law, we are prepared to flex with your changing needs, with the changing needs of our staff members, and with the shifting needs and requirements of the court (virtual appearances vs. in person appearances). If you have any questions about your options and how we can help you move through your family law case, call our office at 720-443-4892 to schedule your free initial consultation today. During this anxiety-ridden time, we are here to ensure that the logistics of moving your case forward does not become an added stress to you and your family.