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Separate and Marital Property in Your Divorce

When dividing property during a divorce, Colorado Courts must first determine whether property falls under the category of marital property or separate property, before they equitably divide marital property between ex-spouses. Defining marital and separate property Put in the simplest terms, property acquired during the marriage is considered marital property, and any property acquired prior to the marriage is considered…

Student Loans and Divorce

Are my student loans considered a marital debt in my divorce? If you are like the majority of American couples, you or your partner, or both, may have incurred student loan debt during or before your relationship. You may be wondering, how does Colorado characterize student loans, and will I be responsible (at least partially) for my spouse’s student loans…

New Rules Regarding Dividing a PERA

If you are going through a divorce and you or your spouse have a Colorado Public Employee’s Retirement Account (PERA), you will need separate court orders in order to divide the plan. To properly split the account and confirm each spouse’s right to a portion of the money, you will need a Domestic Relations Order (DRO). Although DRO forms may…

The Digital Divorce

While Denver moves towards “reopening,” many courts continue to limit the cases that they will hear in person. What does this mean for you and your divorce? Fortunately, as attorneys who have put ourselves at the forefront of technological advances in the legal profession, we can keep your case moving forward, even if you cannot walk through the courthouse doors.…