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Going through a divorce: things you should think about before summer (Part II)

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Child Custody, Divorce

The benefits of planning for the summer months in advance are not exclusive to divorces involving children. To avoid stressful conflict or potential financial issues with your divorce case during the summer months, it is best to start thinking about and preparing for the summer months now.

Summer is a time when expenses generally increase. Utility bills are higher, you may want to plan a vacation and take some time off of work, and traditionally people tend to spend more on dining and entertainment. However, it is important to be mindful that your choices may have financial implications on your divorce case. Because there is a “temporary injunction” in place throughout the duration of your divorce, you should discuss any summer plans with your attorney before you spend any substantial sums of money on a summer vacation or summer entertainment expenses.

Any expenditures outside of the usual course of spending during your marriage could be considered a violation of the temporary injunction, which could have negative consequences for you at permanent orders. Additionally, if you do plan to take time off work but do not have paid time off, this may affect your ability to pay marital bills or spousal maintenance. This should also be discussed with a divorce attorney well ahead of the issue arising.  You should plan for any extraordinary expenses and time off, budget appropriately, and, with the help of your attorney, make sure that you are compliant with all orders of the court that relate to your earning and spending.

Finally, many divorcing couples sell the marital residence as part of the divorce proceeding. Real estate professionals often tout the warmer months as the optimal time to list a house for sale, because sale prices tend to be higher and houses tend to sell more quickly during the spring and summer seasons. If your divorce is likely going to necessitate that the marital home be sold, you should discuss with your attorney whether listing your house this summer is the best course of action in your case .

Preparing now to list your home this summer could lead to a higher profit following the sale.  Doing so often involves re-painting the home and repairing any issues with the home.  The cost of these preparations are generally shared between parties.  You, your attorney, and your real estate agent should discuss the cost and benefit of the expenses required to prepare your home for listing, and your attorney can help you negotiate how these expenses will be paid and accounted for in the final division of the proceeds from the sale of your home.  Planning ahead will probably spare your family the expenses associated with selling a home during less optimal sale season, including the cost of maintaining a home that sits empty and unused.