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Adoption in Colorado (Part II)

Which “type” of adoption is right for you and your family? The answer to this depends on the unique circumstances of your case. In the state of Colorado, there are different “types” of adoptions, each with their own legal requirements and subsequent processes. Kindship Adoption Kinship adoption typically involves a prospective adoptive parent who has been caring for another family…

Adoption in Colorado (Part I)

Deciding to adopt a child is a big and exciting decision. If you are considering adoption or just beginning your adoption journey and feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. Adoption is a highly regulated process in the state of Colorado. There are many steps to take and qualifications to meet before a court will make the adoption of your child…

What you should know about adoption

What you should know about adoption If you have made the decision to expand your family, adopting a child can be one of the most compassionate and caring things that you can do. No two families are the same and for many, adoption can be both the right path forward and tremendously rewarding. However, the choice is one which should only…