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Non-Traditional Families

The “ART” of Family Law

Technological advancements over the last decade have created many ways for couples to start families. Artificial Reproductive Technology has been the leader. “ART” includes many types of reproductive options including, fertility medication, in vitro fertilization, insemination, surrogacy, and more. Each of the ART options brings with it its own complications emotionally and legally. For example, in some states it is…

Co-habitation in Colorado: what remedies do you have? (Part II)

Many couples may find themselves in a situation in which they have been living together, they may have acquired property together, or even contributed a significant amount of money to improving real estate listed in one or both parties’ names. But what happens if you break up and you had no written or oral agreement about who would move out,…

Co-habitation in Colorado: does it mean that you could be considered married? (Part I)

The number of non-marital, cohabitating couples has increased substantially in the past ten years and nearly equals, if not exceeds, the number of couples that are married. Many couples see cohabitation as a stage in the marital process in order to ‘test the waters’ in compatibility prior to getting married. Others choose cohabitation in lieu of marriage, based on their…

Common law marriage and same-sex couples

Common law marriage is a marriage that is recognized by a state, despite their being no formal marriage license in place. Most states no longer recognize common law marriage. However, Colorado is an anomaly and does recognize common law marriage, along with nine other states and the District of Columbia. Common law marriages are afforded the same legal obligations and…