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Denver Family Law Blog

The ABC’s of Family Law

The ABC’s of Family Law When most people consult a family law attorney, they are usually experiencing a difficult time in their lives. In addition to the substantive stress of your family law case, parties may find that their lawyers use a vocabulary that feels completely foreign to them. That vocabulary includes a lot of acronyms that can be confusing…

Turning Down the Heat: using a PC/DM to resolve your summertime disputes

With summer approaching, many families are finding themselves back in a repeating cycle of seasonal disagreements. Trying to schedule vacations, sign kids up for camps, activities, and sports, and plan for the upcoming academic year is stressful enough without adding complicated co-parenting dynamics. You know fighting with your ex about these things isn’t good for your child, but by the…

Permanent Protection Orders: just how permanent are they?

A Permanent Protection Order can be somewhat difficult to obtain. So, the possibility of its “permanent” nature being at risk can be concerning for those seeking the protection order. While modification and dismissal are difficult, it is important to be aware that both are possible. To obtain a Permanent Protection Order, you first have to obtain a Temporary Protection Order.…

Personal Injury and Employment Claims and Your Divorce

Civil Lawsuits During Divorce: Marital vs. Separate Property A primary component of a divorce is the division of debts and assets between the parties. Many divorce cases involve the simple dividing bank accounts, properties, and vehicles.  However, “marital property” can also consist of more complex assets, such as business interests, assets with vesting schedules, and awards.  Less frequently but importantly,…